Big Bucket Deals Auckland Haul – a little disappointing

1014054_10152054377977513_432864703_nThis weekend I headed off to the Big Bucket Deals Auckland event in Greenlane, I have been attending these sales each time they come to town for about two years now and I always come away with a deal or two. This time to be honest I was pretty disappointed with the size of the sale and the range of products, there were a lot less products for sale than normal. Although I like how it seems that they are getting in a lot more household products, the hair care range is getting smaller each time and the place was a total hot mess. I also just noticed a day later that one of the products is marked as a sample and not for sale…. hmmmm… bit odd? Despite my small gripes I did get a few goodies for quite good prices, so take a look!

  • Maybelline Color Show nail polish in ‘Wine & Dined’
  • Orly Ridgefiller Basecoat
  • L’oreal Studio Secrets high definition eyeliner in white
  • Maybelline the Colossal Kajal crayon eyeliner in black
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘Barely Beige’

I have been needing a basecoat for the longest time so this was a great find! So far, with just applying the Orly basecoat now and letting it dry as I type I am really impressed. Rather than being clear its a sheer white colour which I am hoping with be really great under quite sheer pastels or thin, glittery nail polishes. “Wine & Dined’ is exactly that, a dark purple based polish with hints of red glitter (perfect for Autumn), so I’ll see how they go together!


The two eyeliners to be honest were pretty unnecessary purchases, but they are smooth and swatched well so I went for it. I am hoping the L’oreal white liner will deal to my waterline until I get a replacement NYX milk Jumbo eye pencil *sobs* – it met an untimely death last week.



The colour tattoo in ‘Barely Beige’ is an item I have been on the hunt for for awhile, so I was stoked to find it at the sale and for such a great price. The reason I have been searching high and low is because I thought the colour looked rather like one of my favourite shades ‘Painterly’ and the product possibly similar to one of my can’t live without eye products, MAC’s pro longwear paint pots. Is it a dupe? I’m not sure yet! Look below and you’ll see the shades are definitely similar at first glance, MAC’s is more matte and creaming, where as the Maybelline has a touch of shimmer and seems a little stiff on swatching. Tomorrow I shall slap some ‘Barely Beige’ across my lids and share my findings =)


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