Running away from the every day – a collab with ‘A lovely look’

5 days 10 looksThe fantastic Hannah from ‘A Lovely Look’ and I got chatting recently about how easy it can be to get stuck in a bit of a make-up rut. In my case I find that sometimes it is just so much easier to turn to my safe same olds, rather than try something new.

So we set ourselves a challenge, 5 days – 5 new looks. Each day we would individually try out a new make up look, something we hadn’t tried before or hardly ever do and rock it! I searched among my mass of beauty products and thought about looks and trends I had seen recently to decide on my 5 looks to try, and this is how it all turned out – three lip looks and two eye looks. Continue reading

Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag!

pretty make up products


Are you a procrastinator? When it comes to beauty, what do you make sure you always do and what do you make wait for as long as possible?!? I saw this Beauty Tag by Jen on ‘From Head to Toe‘ – and was super keen to give it a go. Scroll down to see who I have tagged!

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Getting lippy with the ‘lipstick tag’


I really love lipstick, and now with a few tricks and a bit of practice I have figured out how to make my favourite shades last even longer. I’m also the biggest fan of a bold lip for winter, (please give it a try, you won’t look back!) I saw this cute lipstick tag featuring on Elese Aesthete recently and thought I’d give it a go! Continue reading

Big Bucket Deals Auckland Haul – a little disappointing

1014054_10152054377977513_432864703_nThis weekend I headed off to the Big Bucket Deals Auckland event in Greenlane, I have been attending these sales each time they come to town for about two years now and I always come away with a deal or two. This time to be honest I was pretty disappointed with the size of the sale and the range of products, there were a lot less products for sale than normal. Although I like how it seems that they are getting in a lot more household products, the hair care range is getting smaller each time and the place was a total hot mess. I also just noticed a day later that one of the products is marked as a sample and not for sale…. hmmmm… bit odd? Despite my small gripes I did get a few goodies for quite good prices, so take a look! Continue reading

How much is your face worth?

doodle-1016-money-bagsIs your morning face worth more than your evening face? What about your party face? Work face? First date face? Have you ever considered what your face could be ‘worth’ once you have done your made up face for the day? After reading Morgan from Hyacinth girl beauty‘s blog ‘ My $2000 face’ – I decided to put my usual morning work face to the test, so counting up the price of all the products used on my face in one make up application, what’s my face worth? And what does hundreds of dollars worth of product on a face even look like? Continue reading

Seven Sins of Beauty

keep calm wear lipstickScrolling through my reader ‘Seven Sins of Beauty’ caught my eye, so I thought I would do my first ever beauty/blog tag! I spotted this first on Just like her I was also waiting on a MAC order, well more like procrastinating about hitting the ‘pay now’ button on the MAC US website…. I still haven’t done it… but I want to so bad!

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I heart iHerb – My advice and experiences using is a fantastic American website which sells a large range of health and beauty products including vitamins and supplements, make up (e.l.f, real techniques), face and body products like face masks and moisturisers, teas, health foods and much, much more! The best thing Continue reading

My every day make up routine and products


In the mornings I can be slightly pedantic. I always seem to set expectations for what I will get done and how polished I will look before walking out the door which are totally unreasonable, especially considering I turned my alarm off three times before finally getting up! Below is my current week day make up routine to set me through the day of work and whatever else after that. Continue reading